German Logical Metonymy Database

Typ Lexicon
Titel German Logical Metonymy Database
Autor Alessandra Zarcone, Stefan Rüd, Niki Hoedoro


This dataset is the result of a corpus study for German verbs (anfangen (mit), aufhoren (mit), beenden, beginnen (mit), geniessen), based on data obtained from the deWaC corpus. We built a dataset of logical metonymies, which were manually annotated and compared with the qualia structures of their objects, then we contrasted annotation results from two expert annotators for metonymies ("The author began the book") and long forms ("The author began reading the book") across verbs. Our annotation was evaluated on a sample of sentences annotated by a group of naive annotators on a crowdsourcing platform. The logical metonymy database (2661 metonymies and 1886 long forms) with two expert annotations is freely available for scientific research purposes.


Zarcone, A., & Rüd, S. Logical metonymies and qualia structures: an annotated database of logical metonymies for German.


German Logical Metonymy Database

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