MBOT Moses Translation System

Typ Tool
Titel MBOT Moses Translation System
Autor Fabienne Braune, Nina Seemann, Daniel Quernheim, Andreas Maletti


The MBOT Moses Translation System is a statistical machine translation system based on multi bottom-up tree transducers (MBOT). An MBOT is a synchronous grammar that models discontinuities by allowing a sequence of target tree fragments on the right hand side of its rules. A formal description can be found in [1].

We implemented various rule extractions to test the power of MBOT in different settings:  

  • minimal tree-to-tree rules as described in [1] and [2]
  • non-minimal string-to-tree rules as described in [3]
  • non-minimal tree-to-tree and string-to-string rules as described in [4]
  • non-minimal tree-to-string rules

Furthermore, we developed a method that allows one to transform dependency parse trees into constituent-like tree representations. The method and evaluation is given in [5]. The dependency parser we used yielded sometimes non-projective dependency parse trees. Those need to be converted into projective ones. If you are interested in this code, please contact Anders Björkelund [Link].


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  • Download the latest version of the decoder from git:
       git clone -b mbotTestedDecoder git://
  • minimal tree-to-tree: Code for rule extraction, lexical scoring, etc. Instructions on training and tuning.  [download]
  • non-minimal tree-to-tree, string-to-tree, tree-to-string, and string-to-string: Instructions on preprocessing, training and tuning. [download]
  • Instructions and code for transforming dependency parse trees. [download]