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Online Demos at


CQPDemoThe official IMS web demo based on CQP/Perl
UPenn Treebank
Verbmobil Dialogs

Projects utilizing the IMS Corpus Workbench capabilities (most are offering online demos)

Projecto AC/DCPortuguese corpora (LinguatecA)
Projeto COMETCorTrad, a joint venture between LinguatecA, NILC and
projeto COMET (Univ. of São Paulo)
COMPARAA bidirectional syntactically annotated parallel corpus of English and Portuguese(LinguatecA)
CorpógrafoAn open source Environment for Comparable Corpora Compilation and
Terminology Extraction,mainly tested for Portuguese but also in use
for other languages (LinguatecA)
Czech National Corpus (CNC) Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague
Floresta Sintáctica A joint venture between VISL (Odense, Denmark) and LinguatecA
(more specifically the Águia search tool)
Korpus 2000 (Danish)The Society for Danish Language and Literature
Oslo Corpus of Bosnian TextsText Laboratory, University of Oslo, Norway
PAROLE Corpus (Swedish)Bank of Swedish, Göteborg University
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