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Note that the latest version of CWB is available at

IMS Corpus Workbench (in its version of 2003 - no more updates available)

How to get the IMS Corpus Workbench


We distribute binaries (executables) of the IMS Corpus Workbench forthe following operating systems:
  • SPARC Solaris 2.8
  • i386 Linux 2.4.

Useful tools, you should have at hand for a sensible corpuspreparation:

  • text filters
  • tokenizer, sentence boundary detector
  • part-of-speech tagger, e.g. Helmut Schmid's Decision Tree Tagger
  • lemmatizer
  • ...
But you can still make a some use of the Corpus Workbench withoutthose tools ...


Research and evaluation licences are available free of charge. Here is the PDF-version of thelicense form.
Please fax the signed license form to attn. Ulrich Heid, Fax+49-711-685-81366.

For commercial licenses, please send your request to

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