Partner: University of Pisa (Coordinator), DFKI, Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken, LIMSI-CNRS (Orsay/Paris), University of Edinburgh (among others)

The project aims at defining a broad organizational framework for the creation, storage, dissemination and maintenance of language resources for both spoken and written language; such resources are necessary for the development of NLP and speech processing products and services but also for research.

The project will create a structured catalogue of existing resources, evaluate needs and available material, formulate organizational, technical and legal recommendations for the creation of new resources and prepare the core of a collaborative network of resource repositories in Europe.

IMS contributes to the creation of the catalogue of resources (area of lexical resources for written language) and participates in the tasks aiming at the definition of an infrastructure for resources.


IMS Kontaktperson: Ulrich Heid (