17. Juli 2017 / Jason Utt

5 IMS-Papiere bei IWCS

5 short papers (co-) authored by researchers from IMS have been accepted at IWCS 2017:

Gemma Boleda, Sebastian Padó, Nghia The Pham and Marco Baroni    
Living a discrete life in a continuous world: Reference in cross-modal entity tracking

Diego Frassinelli, Daniela Naumann, Jason Utt and Sabine Schulte Im Walde    
Contextual Characteristics of Concrete and Abstract Words

Gabriella Lapesa, Sebastian Padó, Tillmann Pross and Antje Rossdeutscher    
Are doggies really nicer than dogs? The impact of morphological derivation on emotional valence in German

Mariia Melymuka, Gabriella Lapesa, Max Kisselew and Sebastian Padó    
Modeling Derivational Morphology in Ukrainian

Moritz Wittmann, Maximilian Köper and Sabine Schulte Im Walde    
Exploring Soft-Clustering for German (Particle) Verbs across Frequency Ranges

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