18. Mai 2018 / Heike Adel

IMS Papiere bei COLING angenommen

Bei der COLING 2018 sind 6 Papiere mit Beteiligung von IMS-Forschern angenommen worden!

Jeremy Barnes, Roman Klinger and Sabine Schulte im Walde
Projecting Embeddings across Domains: a Cross-lingual Approach to Domain Adaptation for Sentiment Analysis

Laura Ana Maria Bostan and Roman Klinger
A Survey on Annotated Data Sets for Emotion Classification in Text

Evgeny Kim and Roman Klinger
Who Feels What and Why? An Annotated Corpus of Modern Literature of Semantic Roles in Emotions

Pushkar Mishra, Marco Del Tredici, Helen Yannakou and Ekaterina Shutova
Author Profiling for Abuse Detection

Ina Rösiger, Arndt Riester and Jonas Kuhn
Bridging resolution: task definition, corpus resources and rule-based experiments

Marco Del Tredici and Raquel Fernandez
The Road to Success: Assessing the Fate of Linguistic Innovations in Online Communities

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