IMS presents a series of papers at COLING-LREC-2024

27. Februar 2024

We're delighted to announce a series of papers that are going to be in the proceedings of COLING-LREC-2024 happening this year in Torino, Italy:

  • Self-reported demographics and discourse dynamics in a persuasive online forum.
    Agnieszka Faleńska, Eva Maria Vecci, Gabriella Lapesa

  • Multi-Dimensional Machine Translation Evaluation: Model Evaluation and Resource for Korean.
    Dojun Park and Sebastian Padó

  • Towards Understanding the Relationship between In-context Learning and Compositional Generalization.
    Sungjun Han and Sebastian Padó

  • Enriching Word Usage Graphs with Cluster Definitions.
    Andrey Kutuzov, Mariia Fedorova, Dominik Schlechtweg and Nikolay Arefyev

  • What Can Diachronic Contexts and Topics Tell Us About the Present-Day Compositionality of English Noun Compounds?
    Samin Mahdizadeh Sani, Malak Rassem, Chris Jenkins, Filip Miletić and Sabine Schulte im Walde

  • Can Factual Statements be Deceptive? The DefaBel Corpus of Belief-based Deception
    Aswathy Velutharambath, Amelie Wührl and Roman Klinger

  • Emoprogress: Cumulated emotion progression analysis in dreams and customer service dialogues.
    Eileen Wemmer, Sofie Labat, and Roman Klinger

  • Willkommens-Merkel, Chaos-Johnson, and Tore-Klose: Modeling the Evaluative Meaning of German Personal Name Compounds
    Annerose Eichel, Tana Deeg, Andre Blessing, Milena Belosevic, Sabine Arndt-Lappe and Sabine Schulte im Walde

  • Prompting-based Synthetic Data Generation for Few-Shot Question Answering
    Maximilian Schmidt, Andrea Bartezzaghi and Ngoc Thang Vu

  • Argument Quality Assessment in the Age of Instruction-tuned Large Language Models
    Henning Wachsmuth, Gabriella Lapesa, Elena Cabrio, Anne Lauscher, Joonsuk Park, Eva Maria Vecchi, Serena Villata and Timon Ziegenbein

  • Stories and personal experiences in the COVID-19 Discourse
    Neele Falk and Gabriella Lapesa
  • Intrinsic Subgraph Generation for Interpretable Graph based Visual Question Answering
    Pascal Tilli and Ngoc Thang Vu
  • Explaining Pre-Trained Language Models with Attribution Scores: An Analysis in Low-Resource Settings
    Wei Zhou, Heike Adel, Hendrik Schuff and Ngoc Thang Vu

  • Towards a Zero-Data, Controllable, Adaptive Dialog System
    Dirk Väth, Lindsey Vanderlyn, Ngoc Thang Vu

Moreover, IMS is involved in co-organizing a workshop:

  • The First Workshop on Language-driven Deliberation Technology (DELITE2024)
    Organizers: Annette Hautli-Janisz, Gabriella Lapesa, Anna de Liddo, Valentin Gold, and Chris Reed

And in teaching a tutorial on:

  • Mining, Assessing, and Improving Arguments in NLP and the Social Sciences
    Gabriella Lapesa, Eva Maria Vecchi, Serena Villata and Henning Wachsmuth
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