21. Mai 2014

5th Meeting of the DFG Network on Questions in Discourse

Zeit: 21. – 22. Mai 2014
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Workshop on Empirical and Theoretical Approaches to Questions in Discourse

 (Fifth Meeting of the DFG Network on Questions in Discourse)

University of Stuttgart, Campus Vaihingen

Workshop description

This workshop follows a series of earlier meetings (Frankfurt, Paris, Potsdam, Amsterdam). The overall goal of the DFG network Questions in Discourse is to work towards a better understanding of the nature of questions as semantic objects, and their role in the interpretation of natural discourse. Central issues are the role of explicit and implicit questions in determining information structure, as well as recent developments in Inquisitive Semantics, which have lead to a new notion of meaning which encompasses both informative and inquisitive content. The Stuttgart workshop will focus on two particular issues:

  1. Empirical methods for research on the role of implicit question interpretation (including psycholinguistic research, corpus work, and field work)
  2. Questions under Discussion and conventional implicatures

Invited speakers

  • Scott AnderBois (Brown University)
  • Elizabeth Coppock (University of Gothenburg)
  • Jonathan Ginzburg (University Paris-Diderot)
  • Jeroen Groenendijk (ILLC, University of Amsterdam)
  • Jacques Jayez (ENS Lyon)
  • Judith Tonhauser (Ohio State University)

Directions & Accommodation

Program print version

(invited talks: 45 min + 15 min discussion, regular talks 30 min +10 min)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Elektrotechnik-Gebäude, Pfaffenwaldring 47, Fakultätssaal (room 4.282, fourth floor) map

9:00 9:10 Welcome
 9:10 10:10 Liz Coppock (invited speaker): Scalar modifiers in Inquisitive Semantics with ordered alternatives
10:10 10:50 Matthijs Westera: The QUD guessing game. How it's played, and how to avoid it (based on joint work with Adrian Brasoveanu)
10:50 11:10 break
11:10 12:10 Jeroen Groenendijk (invited speaker) & Floris Roelofsen: Suppositional Inquisitive Semantics
12:10 12:50 Henk Zeevat & Maria Spychalska: Uninquisitive superlative quantification
12:50 14:30 lunch
14:30 15:30 Scott AnderBois (invited speaker): Evidentiality and modality in discourse: the case of conjecturals
15:30 15:50 break
15:50 16:30 Márta Abrusán & Julie Hunter: Discourse topic
16:30 17:30 Jonathan Ginzburg (invited speaker): Interrogative answers

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Location: Elektrotechnik-Gebäude, Pfaffenwaldring 47, Fakultätssaal (room 4.282, 4th floor), map

9:00 10:00 Judith Tonhauser (invited speaker): Indirect answers to polar questions: scalar inferencing and the rise-fall-rise contour (joint work with Marie-Catherine de Marneffe)
10:00 10:40 Tania Rojas-Esponda: Systematic patterns for focused/unfocused particle pairs
10:40 11:00 break
11:00 11:40 Hans Kamp: Questioning as a propositional attitude: on the structure of complex content-bearing mental states
11:40 12:20 Ivano Ciardelli & Floris Roelofsen: Composing alternatives
12:20 13:00 Gregory Kierstead & Craige Roberts: Evidentiality at issue
13:00 14:20 lunch
14:20 15:00 David Beaver & Edgar Onea: Almost at issue
15:00 16:00 Jacques Jayez (invited speaker): The grammatical marking of discourse planning
16:00   final discussion

 After the workshop, we will explore the surroundings of Stuttgart, on a little wine hike.

Organised by Arndt Riester (Stuttgart), Edgar One (Göttingen), Malte Zimmermann (Potsdam)

This workshop is funded by

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