CLARIN-D Doktorandentage

25. März 2013

Zeit: 25. – 26. März 2013
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The Clarin-D Doktorandentage - Corpora is the first event of a small series with different thematic orientations.
This event is focused on corpus linguistic methods including the annotation and querying of corpora using different language tools and the (statistical) analysis, visualization and interpretation of results in three different thematic blocks:

  • Corpus query with CQP
  • Syntactic annotation and corpus search with CLARIN-D resources
  • Statistical analysis with R

Participants will learn

  • to extract (complex) linguistic information/evidence from corpora annotated on different levels (token level, syntactic level)
  • to build a pipeline for syntactic annotation in WebLicht and search in their own annotated corpora
  • to (statistically) analyse search results
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