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Prof. Dr. Grzegorz Dogil

Vita :
Prof. Dr. Grzegorz Dogil has studied linguistics and phonetics in Poland, GreatBritain and Austria. He has worked at the linguistics departments of theUniversities of Poznan (1976-1978), Vienna (1978-1982) and Bielefeld(1982-1993). In July 1993 he was appointed to a professorship in ExperimentalPhonetics at the Institute for Computational Linguistics at the University ofStuttgart. His main areas of reasearch are: linguistic models of speechrecognition; non-linear phonology and its phonetic implementation; typology ofprosodic systems and clinical phonetics and linguistics. Prof. Dogil is a memberof numerous interational organizations (IPA, ESCA, GLOW, ICPLA) and he isinvolved in national and international research activities in the areas ofprosody (Dialogue & Discourse HCM Programme; Typology of stress in the languagesof Europe - ESF EuroTyp Project) and clinical phonetics and linguistics. Prof.Dogil has a double (Polish and Austrian) citizenship.

Selected Publications:

The Pivot Model of Speech Parsing (with G. Braun). Verlag derÖsterreichischenAkademie der Wissenschaften. Vienna. 1988.

Lexikon der Sprachwissenschaft (ed. H. Bu_mann). Sections on Phonology andMorphonology. Alfred Krvner Verlag. Stuttgart. 1990.

Phonological Configurations: Natural Classes, Sonority and Syllabicity. InH.v.d. Hulst (ed.) Features, segmental structure and harmony processes. Foris.Dordrecht. 1990.

The phonological and acoustic form of neologistic jargon aphasia. ClinicalLinguistics and Phonetics 1989,3: 265-279.

Notes on sonority and segmental strength (with H-C. Lusch|tzky). Rivista diLinguistica 1990,2: 3-54.

Radicalautonomy of syntax: evidence from transcortical sensory aphasia (withH. Haider, C. Schaner-Wolles & R. Husmann). Aphasiology 1995, 9, 577 - 602.

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