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Demo of the F0-Contour Generation Program

The Theory in a Nutshell

The intonation of a phrase is mainly achieved by variations of thepitch (the perceptional correlate of the fundamental frequencyF0 ).Within a speech utterance therange in which the pitch varies can be determined by two lines, the topline and the baseline. Both lines have a slight decrease over the full span of a phrase.



Certain words in a speech utterance are accented by a rise or a fall inthe F0-curve. In the model implemented in our F0-contour generation program (the Tone-Sequence-Model by J. Pierrhumbert / C.Féry) the notation is H*L for a fall and L*H for a rise. Hence, the fall is realized by a high tone (H*) on a word-stressed syllable and a low tone (L ) on the following syllable.Phrases end either on a high (notation: H%), a low (L%) or on a default pitch tone (%).


For a more detailed description of the theory and the program see [1]. The Tone Sequence Model for German is described here. The F0 generation program, however, is not restricted to aparticular intonation model. It could be easily used with any othermodel.

The Demo

For the German phrase "Mein Bruder mag moderne Musik" (engl. "My brother likes modern music.") you canapply a rising (L*H) or a falling (H*L) pitch accent for two specific words. The first possible accent is on "Bruder" and the second on "moderne". The phrase will end either on a high (H%) or on a default boundary tone (%). The result will be a the appropriate F0-contour and a sound file inwhich we imposed this F0-contour on a recording (PSOLA-resynthesis).

Mein Brudermag moderneMusik.


[1] Gregor Moehler & Grzegorz Dogil. Test Environment for the Two Level Model of GermanicProminence. Proceedings EUROSPEECH, Session WEam2C.4, Madrid 1995.

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