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Tanise Ceron


Institut für maschinelle Sprachverarbeitung
Theoretische Computerlinguistik


Pfaffenwaldring 5 b
70569 Stuttgart
Raum: 02.018


Scheduled on request via email.


My main research interests lie in the area of computational social science where I aim at building methods to analyse societal discourse. My PhD focus has been on modeling the positioning of parties across countries and within specific policies based on text similarity through parties' manifestos and members' speeches and tweets.

I'm a member of MARDY (Modeling ARgumentation DYnamics in Political Discourse).

  • Ceron, T., Blokker, N., & Padó, S. (2022). Optimizing text representations to capture (dis) similarity between political parties. Proceedings of 26th CoNLL, Abu Dhabi.
  • Ceron, T., Truong, N., & Herbelot, A. (2022). Algorithmic Diversity and Tiny Models: Comparing Binary Neural Networks and the Fruit Fly Algorithm on Document Representation Tasks. Proceedings of 3rd Workshop on Simple and Efficient Natural Language Processing (SustaiNLP), EMNLP Abu Dhabi.
  • Blokker, N., Ceron, T., Blessing, A., Dayanik, E., Haunss, S., Kuhn, J., ... & Padó, S. Why Justifications of Claims Matter for Understanding Party Positions. 2rd Workshop on Computational Linguistics for Political Text Analysis, KONVENS Potsdam.
  • Ceron, T., & Casula, C. (2021). Exploiting Contextualized Word Representations to Profile Haters on Twitter. In CLEF (Working Notes) (pp. 1871-1882).
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