RAIS Programme

Rethinking (the Annotation of) Anaphora and Information Structure

Organisers: Massimo Poesio (University of Essex / University of Trento) and Arndt Riester (University of Stuttgart); Student co-organisers: Anna-Lena Bock and Carolin Krämer

Click here for the RAIS document: part I, part II, part III, part IV.

The editable joint document and more slides can be found on the wiki (restricted access).

Saturday, March 23, 2013


09:00am – 09:30am Welcome
09:30am – 11:00am Massimo Poesio & Arndt Riester: Issues from the Participants' Statements
11:00am – 11:30am Coffee break
11:30am – 12:15pm Vincent Ng: Computational Coreference Resolution: the State of the Art and some Perspectives
12:15pm – 01:00pm Yufang Hou, Katja Markert and Michael Strube: Integrating Semantics and Salience for Bridging Resolution Using Markov Logic
01:00pm – 02:30pm Lunch break
02:30pm–03:15pm Anja Nedoluzhko and Eva Hajičová: Anaphora and Information Structure in Prague Dependency Treebanks
03:15pm–04:00pm Arndt Riester and Stefan Baumann: From Information Status to Focus Annotation: an Information Structural Analysis of a News Item
04:00pm–04:30pm Coffee break
04:30pm–06:30pm Vote on discussion topics, Group discussions


Sunday, March 24, 2013


10:00am – 12:30pm Group discussions (continued)
12:30pm – 02:00pm Lunch break
02:00pm – 02:30pm Anders Björkelund, Aoife Cahill, Kevin Crooks, Vincent Ng, Massimo Poesio, Sameer Pradhan, Marta Recasens, Olga Uryupina, Yannick Versley: 'Simple Issues' in Coreference Annotation
02:30pm – 02:45pm Coffee break
02:45pm – 03:15pm Dag Haug, Yufang Hou, Katja Markert, Anna Nedoluzhko, Malvina Nissim, Massimo Poesio, Julia Ritz, Michael Strube, Roberto Zamparelli, Heike Zinsmeister, Joost Zwarts: Genericity and Bridging
03:15pm – 03:45pm Aria Adli, Stefan Baumann, Christian Chiarcos, Philippa Cook, Stefanie Dipper, Eva Hajičová, Caroline Heycock, Kordula De Kuthy, Detmar Meurers, Arndt Riester, Manfred Stede, Ramon Ziai: Topic and Focus
03:45pm – 05:00pm Final Discussion



  • Aria Adli (Humboldt-Universität Berlin)
  • Stefan Baumann (Universität zu Köln)
  • Anders Björkelund (Universität Stuttgart)
  • Aoife Cahill (ETS Princeton)
  • Christian Chiarcos (Universität Frankfurt)
  • Philippa Cook (Freie Universität Berlin)
  • Kevin Crooks (University of Colorado at Boulder)
  • Kordula de Kuthy (Universität Tübingen)
  • Stefanie Dipper (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)
  • Eva Hajičová (Charles University Prague)
  • Dag Haug (University of Oslo)
  • Caroline Heycock (University of Edinburgh)
  • Yufang Hou (Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies)
  • Katja Markert (University of Leeds)
  • Detmar Meurers (Universität Tübingen)
  • Anna Nedoluzhko (Charles University Prague)
  • Vincent Ng (University of Texas at Dallas)
  • Malvina Nissim (University of Bologna)
  • Sameer Pradhan (Boston Children's Hospital & Harvard Medical School)
  • Marta Recasens (Google Research)
  • Julia Ritz (Universität Potsdam)
  • Giorgos Spathas (Universität Stuttgart)
  • Manfred Stede (Universität Potsdam)
  • Michael Strube (Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies)
  • Olga Uryupina (University of Trento)
  • Yannick Versley (Universität Tübingen)
  • Roberto Zamparelli (University of Trento)
  • Ramon Ziai (Universität Tübingen)
  • Heike Zinsmeister (Universität Stuttgart)
  • Joost Zwarts (University of Utrecht)