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How to transfer recordings from DAT-tape to the harddisk

  1. Choose setting No. 49 Dat to PC on the digital mixer using the up and down keys. This adjusts the routes from the TASCAM DAT-recorder via the digital mixer to the Linux computer. If you want to listen to the recordings on the hard disk make sure that channels 5 and 6 are turned up (audio output from the Linux machine).
  2. Since the DAT-recorder will be the master clock source you have to adjust the master clock source settings in the DIO Input Settings field on the digital mixer, accesible by pressing the DIO button on the mixer, until the WORDCLOCK SOURCE tab is on top. Here you have to select (by clicking on the graphical depiction of the cables with the mouse of the digital mixer) AES/EBU as digital input, which should normally be already selected; the master clock source must be to ST IN DIGITAL.
    If you have to change any settings here, please remember to reset them to the original values!
  3. On the TASCAM DAT-recorder shift CLOCK switch to position INT. This ensures that the DAT-recorder is the master clock source.
    Please put it back in position "D-IN" after you are finished doing your DAT transfers.
  4. On the Linux computer start the graphical mixer with the command
    envy24control & .
    Check the settings in this interface; they should be the same as for ordinary recordings.
    Go to the directory where you want to save the recordings and start the recording process with the following command:
    arecord -r 48000 -f S16_LE -c 1 outfile.wav for a one channel recording or using
    arecord -r 48000 -f S16_LE -c 2 outfile.wav for a two channel recording
    and start playback on the DAT-recorder.


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