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How do I play audio files from the Linux computer?

You may simply listen to the audio file by using the ALSA play program aplay but you may also use XWaves or WaveSurfer or any other appropriate signal editing program. Make sure that channels No. 5 and 6 are on and selected on the digital mixer; you have to turn up the appropriate faders (which are ganged together, do not be surprised) on the digital mixer. Also check whether the amplifier is switched on and the button named TAPE 2 is pressed and button named Tape 1 Monitor is NOT pressed! It is advisable to check the volume knob to be set to near zero before playing otherwise you might have to contact a doctor...

How do I speak to the person in the recording room?

The person in the recording room has to wear headphones, otherwise they will certainly get dizzy after a while. Check whether channel No. 3 on the digital mixer is turned on and now speak to the microphone at the mixer desk (check whether the microphone itself is switched on, it should normally be). It is also necessary to switch on the headphone amplifier inside the recording room. Also check its switches. Now the speaker should be able to hear you.

How can I listen to the person in the anechoic chamber?

First of all, the NAD amplifier has to be turned on, as it drives the monitor speakers. The NAD receives input from the digital mixer through its TAPE 2 channel, so check if that is turned on (press the button), and also check if TAPE1 MONITOR is turned OFF. You may hear the speaker very weakly if this has been left turned on (but may loose your hearing when switching to anything else, as you almost certainly will raise the volume on the NAD). And, do not forget to make the speaker talk to you, even in the breaks...

How do I end a recording on the Linux computer?

Simply type CONTROL-C in the shell you started the arecord command.

How do I play a DAT recording?

Turn on the DAT recorder, the digital mixer and the amplifier. Select the DAT transfer setting on the digital mixer and press TAPE 2 on the amplifier. Start playback on the DAT recorder. (And remember to be careful with the volume knob on the NAD...)

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